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Isomaltulose – Fat burning energy supplement with natural origin Isomaltulose is not only characterized by its low glycemic index, but also extends energy supply and increases fat burning with a sweetness of 50%.

Isomaltulose classic
Origin Asia

Has his natural origin the world's only isomaltulose in sugar beet. It is obtained from sucrose through an enzymatic process and consists of glucose and fructose. Through his low glycemic index it only causes the blood sugar level to rise very slowly. This means that 

The energy supply lasts longer even with appropriate activity. Especially since taking isomaltulose increases fat burning and reduces fat storage.

Isomaltulose contains no GMOs and is vegan, kosher and halal certified.

The sweetening power, compared to table sugar sucrose, is approx. 50%. A combination with other sweeteners is easily possible.

Isomaltulose has been approved as a novel food in the EU since 2005.

Isomaltulose innovative
EU origin

This mixture of natural sugars* forms all the advantages of classic isomaltulose off, both legally as well as nutritional-physiological.

However, Isomaltulose can also be used by a significantly improved solubility point. This product advantage is achieved through a mix of Isomaltulose (approx. 92%) with conventional sugars* (approx. 8%)

The approval of the innovative isomaltulose is currently pending with the EU and is expected for 2023.

*Trehalulose, glucose and fructose

About The Product

Key Benefits

  • Beneficial for blood sugar management (diabetics)
  • Tooth friendly
  • Slow-release sugar
  • Excellent digestion with no laxative effects
  • Good for Weight Management (Burns Fat)

Areas of Application

  • Food supplements
  • Functional foods and beverages
  • Snacks
  • Sports nutrition
  • Vegetarian / vegan products
  • Sweeteners / sugar substitutes

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