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Fructose syrup is a vegetable sugar, in this case thickened juice, obtained enzymatically from corn starch.

It is used not only for its sweetening properties, but also for additional practical properties.

It gives your products texture, taste, volume and shine, stability and a long shelf life.

Über das Produkt

Key Benefits

Fructose syrup possesses several notable attributes that make it a valuable ingredient:

Sweetening Power: Fructose syrup serves as a potent sweetener, imparting a desirable level of sweetness to food and beverages.

Versatility: It finds application across various culinary creations, enhancing taste, texture, and shine in baked goods, confections, and sauces.

Easy Incorporation: Its liquid form allows for effortless blending into recipes, ensuring consistent and satisfying results.

Cost-Effectiveness: Fructose syrup offers a cost-effective solution as a sweetening agent, allowing for efficient production and competitive pricing.

Enhancing Appeal: By improving the taste, texture, and visual appeal of food and beverages, fructose syrup can elevate the overall culinary experience.


  • beverages

  • Ice cream

  • confectionery

  • jam

  • canned goods

  • Bakery products

  • Cereal products

  • Dairy products

  • spices

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