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Fat-burning energy supply with natural origin

The isomaltulose is not only characterized by its low glycemic index, but also extends the energy supply and increases fat burning with a sweetening power of 50%.

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PALATYNE®, isomaltulose classic

Origin Asia

Has its natural origin as the world's only isomaltulose in sugar beets. It is obtained from sucrose through an enzymatic process and consists of glucose and fructose. Due to its low glycemic index, it only allows the blood sugar level to rise very slowly. As a result, the energy supply is extended even with the corresponding activity. Especially since taking isomaltulose increases fat burning and reduces fat storage.

PALATYNE® contains no GMO and is vegan as well as kosher and halal certified.

The sweetening power compared to household sugar (sucrose) is around 50%. A combination with other sweeteners is easily possible.

We offer PALATYNE® as a free-flowing powder packed in 25kg bags (1,000kg pallet).

Isomaltulose has been approved as a novel food in the EU since 2005.

RISULOSE®, isomaltulose innovative

EU origin

This mixture of natural sugars* reflects all the advantages of classic isomaltulose, both legally and nutritionally (see blue box on the left).

However, RISULOSE® can also score with a significantly improved solubility. This product advantage is achieved through a mix of isomaltulose (approx. 92%) with conventional sugars* (approx. 8%).

We offer RISULOSE®

a) packed as dry powder in bags of 25 kg on pallets of 1,000 kg),

b) as a syrup in IBC 1,000l

or loose in the tanker truck.

The approval of RISULOSE® is currently pending with the EU and is expected for the year 2023.

We would be happy to support your application trials by sending you appropriate samples.

*Trehalulose, glucose and fructose

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