Our programme for healthy, calorie-reducing sweetening.

Table sugar is being replaced more and more often by other sweetening agents in production processes – and for good reasons, too. Calorie-reducing sweetening in the food and healthcare industry is gaining ever greater significance – as a bargaining advantage and an argument for differentiation from the competition.
Moreover, if a sugar-free and gentle-on-the-teeth market positioning is aspired to – and further nutritional aspects, such as a favourable glycaemic index and prebiotic characteristics, are important –
then you will find the right solutions in the Sweet Ingredients programme.

Sweet Ingredients stocks a rich assortment of diverse sweetening agents that provide body and texture, of special carbohydrates and of powerful sweeteners for the processing industry.
Here is a review of our range.

  • Xylitol: An agreeable sweetness with plenty of cool freshness for dental chewing gum, concentrates and similar products.
  • Lactitol: Has similar characteristics to sugar with around half the calories, a favourable glycaemic and prebiotic impact and it is gentle on the teeth.
  • Polydextrose: Fibre enhancement with calorie reduction, increases taste, feeling in the mouth and texture.
  • Xylose: A special carbohydrate for producing aromas and achieving the desired taste effects in animal feeds.
  • Fructose: A highly fruity sweetness, increases the intensity of aromas and masks the undesired taste of other materials in the product.
  • Maltitol: A reduced calorie sugar substitute extracted from maize and wheat starches as well as tapioca.
  • Stevia: A sweetener obtained from plants, its is used for jams, chocolate and drinks (fizzy drinks, cola etc.) among others.
  • Erythritol: Produced from fermented grape sugar with zero calories, a zero glycaemic index and it is gentle on the teeth.
  • Grape-based sweeteners based entirely on the extraction and crystallization of grape juice.
  • Rare sugars: Special sugars with high chiral purity for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and aroma industries.
  • Coconut blossom sugar: contains a multiple of minerals and antioxidants compared to table sugar and also convinces with its low-glycemic index.
  • Date sugar: a natural product with attractive product properties and uses.
  • Isomaltulose: natural sweetener obtained from sugar cane or sugar beet with a favourable glycaemic index and a wide variety of uses.
  • Isomalt: similar to household sugar in terms of flavour and use, but with only half as many calories.
  • Glucose-fructose syrup: thickened juice obtained enzymatically from starch, with different proportions of glucose and fructose depending on the variety.
  • Rice syrup: sweetener obtained enzymatically from rice flour, with a mild, unobtrusive flavour used for many food products.

It is best to explain the specifics of these products and their applications personally, in terms of your own requirement profile. Just take advantage of our advice line. For any wishes and questions, please don't hesitate to call us on this number: +49 (0) 4122-40 111 66-0. -
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