Stevia: Zero calories, many benefits.

This web page introduces you to a very attractive alternative for sweetening foods and beverages: stevia. Stevia is a natural product and a sweetener that is extracted from the leaves of Stevia rebaudiana, a plant that originates from South America. The ingredients important for the sweetening effect are a number of so-called steviol glycosides, each of which has its own individual sweetness and taste profile. Use of the constituents in different quantities alongside mixtures, including other sweeteners, leads to the variety in our range of stevia products, which make it easier for you to find tailor-made solutions for your sweetening tasks.
Today, stevia is grown in large parts of the world, including South America, Asia and Australia. The products we supply come from China. The manufacturer that we work with has installed a comprehensive quality assurance system which covers the seedlings in the field and extends via innovative production systems to consistent product monitoring.

Strong arguments support Stevia.

There are a number of convincing reasons to replace conventional sugar – either entirely or partly – with stevia:

. Glycaemic index: 0.
When you consume foods with a high glycaemic index, e.g. household sugar with a value of 100, an unfavourable reaction occurs: the blood sugar level increases sharply. The metabolic system reacts by releasing insulin in order to break down the blood sugar by feeding it into the body cells. The blood sugar level then falls again rapidly. As a result, hunger soon sets in again. When food sweetened with stevia is consumed, this detrimental process does not take place because stevia does not increase the blood sugar level and there is also no insulin reaction. –

Stevia is free of calories.

Stevia is also good for the figure: If you replace just four to five teaspoons of sugar per day by stevia, you will cut out more than 500 kcal per week. Spread over a year, this would then amount to 3 kg of body fat due solely to sugar. Just think how much more you can save if you select alternatives with stevia as the additive in other foods.

Stevia is beneficial for dental health.
Damage to teeth caused by the effect of acid is a common problem. Acid is generated in the mouth by bacterial processes, e.g. in products sweetened with conventional sugar. The situation is different for stevia, as the substance is practically unfermentable in the mouth – meaning there is less acid formation and a reduced risk of caries.

Stevia is also suitable for diabetics.
As described above, the product does not lead to any change in insulin. Consequently, diabetes patients can also use our stevia products.

Additional benefits of stevia for processing foods.
. Stable to heat up to roughly 350 °C, hence suitable for cooking and baking as well as for all other processing operations at high temperatures
. Flavour enhancer in combination with other sweetening ingredients
. Extremely resistant in food, beverage and finished goods systems with a low pH value
. Outstanding solubility in aqueous systems
. Our stevia products have the NON-GMO seal
. Stevia has approval in many countries. These countries are marked in green on the world map above.

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